Agent-based modeling Engineer - Simulation


Serve as a Simulation Engineer to build simulations of complex environments for use in the fast-paced development of unique Unmanned Aircraft Systems. You would be working on interdisciplinary teams to incorporate expertise from multiple domains.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Develop a (agent based) model for the study of the interactions between human and machine agents conducting air and ground operations

  • Develop additional agents’ behaviors as required on COTS frameworks to evaluate different autonomy strategies

  • Run analyses , and report on the feasibility of operations including relevant Key Performance  (probability of success, collisions, throughput, resource efficiency, etc…), and suggestions for system improvement

  • Develop a resources management and job scheduling model

  • Develop a model of air traffic control and Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management

  • Contribute to the design of the system

  • Contribute to the analysis of the operation safety

Minimum Requirements

  • Understanding of the Agent based modeling world and scope

  • Knowledge of major tools available (practical experience)

  • Experience in time steps methodology and event based or fast modeling

  • Relevant industry experience > 5yrs

  • Programming skills (object oriented)

  • Candidates are encouraged to share online portfolios of relevant work (e.g. github)



Position open to Swiss or EU/EFTA-eligible workers

Location: Central Switzerland