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LATEST NEWS:  Odysseus high altitude solar aircraft unveiled!  More information:  Odysseus

Aurora Swiss Aerospace GmbH is a Luzern-based research and prototype engineering company, specializing in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).  Approximately 30 employees work in the areas of lightweight structures and autonomous systems.  The company also provides local support to the Swiss military procurement agency (armasuisse) for the Aurora Centaur Optionally-Piloted Aircraft (OPA)      “R-711”, operated by armasuisse as an UAS technology testbed. 

Aurora Swiss Aerospace (ASA) started in Luzern in 2013; since 2017 Aurora Swiss Aerospace (along with parent company Aurora Flight Sciences), is a subsidiary of The Boeing Company.

Aurora Swiss Aerospace can draw on the nearly 30 years of experience that Aurora has in the development, design, manufacturing, operations, and support of advanced UAS systems.

From our base in central Switzerland, Aurora Swiss Aerospace is well-positioned to meet the needs of government, military, police, and commercial users of UAS across all of Europe and surrounding areas.