Electrical Propulsion Engineer

Job Qualifications:

This person will be responsible for electrical engineering supporting design and development of electric and hybrid-electric power systems for manned and unmanned vehicles. Work will focus on development of advanced electric propulsion systems optimized for weight and efficiency to support innovative aircraft designs including high performance vertical take-off and landing aircraft, high-altitude UAVs, solar-powered long-endurance UAVs, and other types of aircraft.  Propulsion system analysis, integration and testing will include advanced synchronous and asynchronous components including motors, generators, power control electronics, conductors, and energy storage devices. This person is primarily an electrical engineer with background in electro-mechanical machinery and power electronics that will function as part of an integrated development team. Engineers with backgrounds in automotive or other electric propulsion will be highly considered along with applicants with background in aerospace and aircraft propulsion.

Specific Responsibilities: 

  • Leads and performs design and electrical engineering for electrical power systems used on advanced aircraft.
  • Develops aircraft electric propulsion power system designs, including requirements definition, parametric analysis, configuration and sizing trade studies, and development of electrical power generation, storage, and distribution systems.
  • Supports aircraft level trade studies weighing propulsion system cost, efficiency, weight, capacity, cooling requirements, electromagnetic interference, and other factors.
  • Conducts analysis to model performance of electrical components and machinery.
  • Builds and tests electric components in laboratory environment to measure performance and valid models.
  • Creates and runs time-stepping simulation models of electric propulsion systems to understand system dynamics, interactions, and failure modes.
  • Prepares and presents design information at formal and informal design reviews.
  • Prepares written descriptions of requirements, analysis results, design choices, test plans and test reports.

 Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum of a B.S. in electrical, mechanical, or aerospace engineering and at least 3 years of professional/academic experience. An advanced degree is preferred.
  • Familiar with advanced electric propulsion system components: high efficiency motors, high performance energy storage devices, and power electronics.
  • Must have knowledge of entire system chain of power generation, electric energy storage, system control, and propulsion.