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Aurora Swiss Aerospace is easy to find.  We are located at Mühlemattstrasse 8 in Luzern, Switzerland.  

By car, follow your Navigation system towards Mühlemattstrasse 8.  As you approach the building, look for an entrance to the underground parking on the end of the building facing the main street.  Pause at the entrance of the ramp for the light to turn green.  Drive down and park in a visitor (Besucher) parking spot, generally straight ahead as you enter the garage.  The entrance door for Mühlemattstrasse 8 is down towards the end, to your left as you drove in.  Go up two flights of stairs, or take the elevator to level 1.  Turn to the right to find the door for Aurora Swiss Aerospace.

With public transport, take bus number 9 from the Luzern main station (Bahnhof).  Get off at the Mühlemattstrasse stop, and our building is directly there.  Walk up and to the left of the building to find the front door for #8.  Inside, turn right to find the door for Aurora Swiss Aerospace. 

You can also enjoy a pleasant walk from the Luzern train station.  Simply follow the river downstream, crossing over one of the convenient bridges.  Keep following the river until you reach the end of the city wall with small "tower gate."  Just beyond this, bear right at Giessmattbrücke and turn right (uphill) on Giessmattstrasse.  As you cross a small bridge over some railroad tracks, you will see our building ahead on the right.  Walk around the far side of the building (up Mühlemattstrasse) to find the second front door for #8.  Inside, turn right to find the door for Aurora Swiss Aerospace.   

We look forward to seeing you!

Mühlemattstr. 8
6004 Luzern