Software Engineering Group Leader

Position: Software Engineering Group Leader

Aurora Company Overview

Aurora Swiss Aerospace GmbH, started in Lucerne in 2013, is a research and prototype engineering company, specializing in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) but also supporting the development of manned aircraft. Over 80 employees work in the areas of lightweight structures and autonomous systems.

Aurora Swiss Aerospace can also draw on the 30 years of experience that Aurora Flight Sciences, our American parent company, has in the development, design, manufacturing, operations, and support of advanced UAS systems.

Since 2017 Aurora is a subsidiary of The Boeing Company. Now Aurora’s speed and innovation is combined with Boeing’s size and strength, creating an unprecedented opportunity to lead the development of technologies and platforms for the future of aerospace mobility.

Recent projects at Aurora Swiss Aerospace include the Odysseus large-scale solar-powered UAS, the Boeing Passenger Air Vehicle (a so-called “flying taxi” for Urban Air Mobility), and several on-going projects not yet unveiled to the public.

Position Overview

As a Software Manager, you will be responsible leading a team of software engineers and will directly support programs in the development and maturity of flight and Autonomy software requirements, architecture, design, code, release and test. As a technical delivery and team leader, you will be expected to lead the team with process rigor and development by ensuring the highest level of capability, consistency and quality of Aurora’s software capabilities, methods, processes, tools, and of your team.

In addition to the functional management role, the Group Manager may be required to support UAV programs directly either in IPT lead role or technical software delivery role. This is one of the strengths of Aurora in being able to offer both group leadership and technical execution. 


  • B.S. in Computer Science or applicable engineering discipline. An M.S. degree is preferred.
  • 7 plus years of demonstrated experience in software development for complex software that interacts with typical embedded systems software - sensors inputs, control loops, networking, and redundancy are example functions.
  • Industrial Background in UAV’s, aerospace, or automotive/ground robotics.
  • Demonstrated experience leading, mentoring and developing 5 or more software engineers in a fast-paced environment, with a cycle of 12-18-month concept-to-initial capability.
  • Must have delivered complete software products that meet rigorous safety-critical requirements (e.g. DO 178 or equivalent).
  • Demonstrated experience identifying and implementing software tool environments to meet team growth, maintain rigor and enhance software development process to increases efficiency.
  • Demonstrated experience working with a tailored system engineering approach with multiple concurrent programs with complex and competing demands.
  • Demonstrated experience developing and leading effective reviews with clear entry and exit criteria that are conducted in an appropriate and consistent method across all programs.
  • Demonstrated experience developing and submitting standard weekly reports and managing budgets.

Desired requirements

  • Intimate proficiency with using Model-based-design using Mathworks toolsets, auto-generated code environments to a flight-worthy standard.
  • Developed production software for unmanned aerial vehicles or robotics with similar rigorous performance criteria.
  • Embedded system design and software product delivery in a fast-paced environment.
  • Proficiency in earned value management system techniques and application.

Position open to Swiss and EU/EFTA citizens or holders of other Swiss work permits.